For 24 years we make your ideas come true

We started 24 years ago, basically in garage with malosériovou výrobou for customised metal-machining. We were limited by the small space, so we moved to bigger place and we changed our focus to complete production of shearing and pressing tools, measurement, set up and other přípravků, injection molds and comprehensive CNC machining of complex parts.

In 2011 we expanded our services to entire design of jednoúčelových strojů, including pneumatics, and electric installations. In the scope of upstandard service we have started to deliver tools, preparations and tailor made single-use lines, including service, modifications and rebuilding.

Hall building and production area of 650 m2

In 2014 we concluded the building of a new production hall with the total area of 500 m2. This area became too small for us very soon. Therefore, at the beginning of 2020, we completed the build up and increased production area to 650 m2. New space is the right fit for 14 members of our team staff who are moving our company always forward with their experience.

Why to rely on SteelForm?


Modern equipment

We use machines, tools and production technologies that are upgraded an replaced regularly with up-to-date ones to keep the highest quality and production effectivity.


Machines under one roof

All the work is done on our own machines. Therefore we guarantee the quality of gained jobs and can offer time and cost effective solutions.


Individual approach

We fulfill individual measurement requirements. Let us know you idea about the final product, and we will think it up and deliver functional tool which you are satisfied with.


Fast delivery

We respond promptly to demands and the whole process takes the speed at our end. We constantly work on the efficiency and our delivery times are short, prospectively according to individual agreement.


Experienced team

We have a team of experienced and skillfull workers with many years of experience. We do not take our work for granted and improve our skill with regular trainings.


Complete service

We offer complete service which makes it easier to our customers. We handle consulatitions, design, production, production implementation, warranty and post-warranty service.

SteelForm Toolshop was established in 1996. We focus on complete production of shear and pressing tools, measurement, set up and other preparations, injection moulds and to CNC processing of complex parts. Portfolio of services includes also the design of single-use machines, tailor made production lines and service including modifications and remodelings.

We are certificate holder of
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016


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