We are SteelForm Technology Ltd.
We provide metal products. Precisely and in high quality.

We are the specialist in metal products and completely take care of your order. From the first consultation, through design to production and assembly. We work fast and effectively.

Rely on a well coordinated professional team which draws on the 24 years of experienc, own technologies and modern backround. Connect with SteelForm Technology.

Why you should rely on us?


Modern equipment

We use machines, tools and production technologies which are periodically inspected and replaced by new ones. This keeps the highest quality and effectivness of the production.


All machines under the same roof

All activities are done on own machines, therefore we guarantee the quality of delivered orders. We are able to provide an effective solution timewise and costwise.


Tailor-made approach

We fulfil every individual requirement. You just tell us your idea about the final product and we will think up a product which you will be satisfied with.


Fast delivery

We respond quickly to inquiries and the whole process is process where everybody knows their role and what to do. We are constantly working on efficiency and our delivery times are short, or upon an individual agreement.


Experienced team

Our team containing of experienced and skilled employees has many years of experience.  We keep working on ourselves and improve our skills by periodic education.


Complete service

We offer a complete service that will make your life easier. Management of consultation, design, production, commissioning into a production and guarantee and post-warranty service.

SteelForm Toolshop was established in 1996. We focus on complete production of shear and pressing tools, measurement, set up and other preparations, injection moulds and to CNC processing of complex parts. Portfolio of services includes also the design of single-use machines, tailor made production lines and service including modifications and remodelings.

We are certificate holder of
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016


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