We produce tools for the most up-to-date CNC technologies, and therefore we can make tools according to specific requirements and with the highest accuracy.

We pursue production of tools, their parts and spare parts. For all our machining production we use our own technological equipment allowing us to accommodate our customers promptly with fast deliveries.

We focus on production mainly

  • Shearing tools.
  • Pressing tools.
  • Bending tools.
  • Prototype tools.
  • Combined progressive pressing tools.
  • Transfer pressing tools.
  • Crimping tools.
  • Special tools.

5 reasons why to rely on Steefrom with production of tools

  • At the production of tools we focus on accuracy supported by 3D measurement.
  • Complete customer´s  care. From consultation to production, alignment and commissioning up to guarantee and past-warranty service.
  • Participation while tool testing at your pressing facilities.
  • Our own up-to-date machining equipment that guarantees flexible approach to each and every job.
  • Team of highly qualified specialists.


SteelForm Toolshop was established in 1996. We focus on complete production of shear and pressing tools, measurement, set up and other preparations, injection moulds and to CNC processing of complex parts. Portfolio of services includes also the design of single-use machines, tailor made production lines and service including modifications and remodelings.

We are certificate holder of
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016


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