We focus on customized production of turned and milled parts and construction completions. We provide complete service.

We provide CNC machining in the complete scale of engineering production – from automotive to food or plastic industries. We process different types of material. Not just standard steel, but also stainless and tool steel and non-metal material.

We take care of piece production, small series production with series from small parts up to parts which are sizewise sufficient to capacities of our CNC machining equipment.

Modern machinery equipment for effective CNC machining

Our machinery equipment goes together with the strictest current trends in the field of CNC machining. All our machines are kept in excellent technical status and our staff has multiple years of experience to operate them.

  • We use the most up-to-date efficient production tools.
  • We regularly control the accuracy of CNC operations.
  • We use the effective CAM system.

5 reasons why to cooperate with Steelform at CNC machining

  • Complex and complete customer´s care from initial consulation to assembly and testing of production completions.
  • Own machinery equipment which allows us respond quickly to customers´ needs.
  • Flexible approach to each and every order.
  • Regular investment into the modern CNC machinery equipment and skills of our staff.
  • Precise working approach from the team of experienced designers and CNC operators.


SteelForm Toolshop was established in 1996. We focus on complete production of shear and pressing tools, measurement, set up and other preparations, injection moulds and to CNC processing of complex parts. Portfolio of services includes also the design of single-use machines, tailor made production lines and service including modifications and remodelings.

We are certificate holder of
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016


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